• How will the pace of technology change in your industry over the next three years?

    Let us help you secure a clear digital advantage

  • NEX is an ecosystem for Internet of Things enabling smarter communities.

    Explore our Smart cities living lab and breakthrough innovations

  • Internet speeds at roughly 100 times faster than what most Americans have.

    100% Fiber connection to your home or business


Data Driven

Have you made the shift to be a data driven company? Being fully data driven goes well beyond just having better tools and better skills, data has become so pervasive and readily available it changes the basis for decisions at every level of your organization. We help companies deliver critical insights to make decisions that save time, make money.



Do you embrace disruption as part of your business? People in every aspect are driving change in and around your business. Our lab technologists are researching and driving new initiatives to help your company adopt new ways of working. We help companies adopt and harness the latest developments to grow their business and improve their bottom line.


Building Blocks

Is your technology stack purpose-built for change? Moving at the speed required for technology means delivering new skills, new processes, new products, new services, and whole new ways of working at an accelerated rate with expanding scale. Our customers have solutions designed and built for change to stay relevant & competitive in the market.

Opus-3 Cloud and Breakthrough Technologies Center

Save Time, Save Money with Opus-3 award-winning technologies


Managed Services

We take pride in our deep understanding of IT services. Together, we can create a solution to support your business needs today and in the future.


Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

We can help create your own Disaster Recovery plan for the data you host in the o3 infrastructure. Through a mix of resiliency tools and a unique partnership with the Dallas Sheraton, our experts can create the solutions you need to achieve your continuity targets.


High Availability

Be confident that you can access your data assets any time. Our redundancy practices ensure there is no single point of failure in our infrastructure. Also our around the clock network operations center is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Instant Setup

Need access now? Our platform automatically provisions to provide you with the space you need instantly. With 300+ server templates, we make it easy for you to deploy servers fast, in minutes. Linux or Windows, we'll have you covered with a configuration combo available for immediate deployment.